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Queen Lili’uokalani International Day of Peace & Pace Bene Campaign Nonviolene – August 2014 Pacific Peace Forum

Pacific Peace Forum – Pace E Bene Campaign Nonviolence and Queen Liliuokalani International Day of Peace Advertisements

FULL PROGRAM (July 11, 2014) Pacific Peace Program “Learning Nonviolence from the Baltic States”

  Pacific Peace Forum Learning Nonviolence from the Baltic States July 11   July 10, 2014 Friends, As promised in my July 4 email message, I am sending you the full program for tomorrow’s Pacific Peace Forum “Learning Nonviolence from the Baltics” See attachment shown above. It is longer than the previous one-page Flyer; it’s … Continue reading

Learning Nonviolence from the Baltic States – PPF

July 4, 2014 Greetings, I hope you are all having a wonderful time celebrating the founding of the USA! This is a quick reminder for our July 11 Pacific Peace Forum. Apologies for the title change (from last post in this blog with pdf titled “Determining Hawaii’s Future“) but we are “drilling down,” in a … Continue reading