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A Manifesto for “micro”-Diasporas, from close to a Decade Ago!

This is an article I wrote nearly a decade ago! As I browsed on the web today (Thanksgiving Day, Nov 24, 2016), considering what I ought to be thankful for, I found it again and was surprised at my own youthful passion way back when about some PanMicronesian regionalism!  It’s a manifesto indeed and it … Continue reading

Dismissal of the Marshall Islands’ Nuclear Zero Cases – International Court of Justice

Courtesy, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy eNews November 2016 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 4050 New York, NY 10017 212.818.1861 Nicholas Grief, Laurie Ashton, Luigi Condorelli, and Phon van den Biesen of the Marshall Islands’ legal team at the Peace Palace in The Hague on October 5. Photo AFP/Bart Maat. Dismissal of the Marshall Islands’ … Continue reading