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Pacific Peace Forum – Liliuokalani The Last Queen

  Aloha again Friends, FYI, there is a Pacific Peace Forum this Friday, October 5, 2018 at The Cathedral of St. Andrews in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I hope you can all attend. Please forward to others in your network you think may be interested. Mahalo for your attention and generous sharing with others… — Pacific Peace … Continue reading

Pacific Peace Forum (Apr 6, 2018) – Paid Family Leave for Hawai’i is Possible!

P A C I F I C   P E A C E   F O R U M C a t h e d r a l   o f   S t .  A n d r e w – J u s t i c e C o m m i t t e e  & … Continue reading

US nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew

  US nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew US nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew The first and only test of an atomic cannon at the Nevada Test Site. What could go wrong? (Reuters) Written by Tim Fernholz December 21, 2017 When the US entered the nuclear age, it … Continue reading

A Tribute to Richard Alex, a Man of Quiet Dignity and Perseverance (March 16, 1954 – September 16, 2017)

A beautiful funeral service was help on Saturday, October 14, 2017 for our late friend, Richard P. Alex. Several people spoke and honored Richard and noted many of his life’s accomplishments. The service was beautifully done and the Pohnpei Congregation at Central Union Church and the Pohnpei community of Honolulu did an excellent job of … Continue reading

Nuclear Non proliferation Update – New Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons! (July 13, 2017)

News Update, from Abolition 2000: On July 7, 2017, the United Nations adopted a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons following negotiations by over 120 countries on the draft treaty during March, June and July. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that ‘The treaty represents an important  step and contribution towards the common aspiration of a world … Continue reading

Pacific Peace Forum (April 7, 2017) – Taking an Ax to Unjust Tax

Announcement for the April 2017 Pacific Peace Forum Pacific Peace Forum The Cathedral of St. Andrew & the Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center  ~ Click Here to access a pdf Event Flyer: Pacific Peace Forum Flyer – Taking an Ax to Unjust Tax Taking an Ax to Unjust Tax Why do those with the lowest … Continue reading

Pacific Peace Forum – The Death of Lono: Responding to the Hawaii Pacific Climate Crisis

This event is for Friday, March 3, 2017. It will be in the Von Holt Room at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Honolulu, Hawaii, across the street from the Hawaii State Capitol and next door to Washington Place, the home of Queen Lili’uokalani. Please open and see Event information in the pdf file Flyer … Continue reading

Abolition 2000 Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

News! Abolition 2000: Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  This is wonderful news. The organization was formed in the mid-1990s by international civil society organizations working at the United Nations and around the world to rid the planet of nuclear weapons. I served in the Coordinating Council … Continue reading

A Manifesto for “micro”-Diasporas, from close to a Decade Ago!

This is an article I wrote nearly a decade ago! As I browsed on the web today (Thanksgiving Day, Nov 24, 2016), considering what I ought to be thankful for, I found it again and was surprised at my own youthful passion way back when about some PanMicronesian regionalism!  It’s a manifesto indeed and it … Continue reading

Dismissal of the Marshall Islands’ Nuclear Zero Cases – International Court of Justice

Courtesy, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy eNews November 2016 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 4050 New York, NY 10017 212.818.1861 Nicholas Grief, Laurie Ashton, Luigi Condorelli, and Phon van den Biesen of the Marshall Islands’ legal team at the Peace Palace in The Hague on October 5. Photo AFP/Bart Maat. Dismissal of the Marshall Islands’ … Continue reading